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Enhanced Presence Options on our 
Visitor Directory,  Hybrid Direct, Tourism Exclusive and Premium Direct sites

How It Works:

1. Our "Visitor Directory" sites are published with extensive free tourism-related Directory Entries already in place.  Directories have the name, jurisdiction and specific category of each verified tourism operation (discovered through our research) listed and these entries are linked to their external websites.  We keep the directory itself compact, effective and easy to scan on any device.  No pictures, video, contact information or extended descriptions appear with these sortable and filterable database lists...users simply click the link and are instantly at your site for the full current official source of these details.   With this approach, hundreds or thousands of opportunities can be identified on a single page, so the user has a lot to choose from. 

If your organization is not already directly or indirectly (for instance, as part of a consortium) listed on our Visitor Directory site for your area, please contact us and we will adjust our records accordingly.  

2.  Our comprehensive "Hybrid Direct" sites have paid private and agency-based Real Estate listings, together with free listing entries in an extended range of product and service directories targeting residents and visitors.  Serving Sooke and Discover Montreal are examples of the Hybrid Direct model.  

3.  The "Tourism Exclusive" format is used primarily for national and international destination scale sites, such as Tourism Ads and Tourism South America, or for customized regional destination pages such as those managed on Tourism 1.  This format features low-cost paid Tourism-related directory entries in a very powerful context that gives participants a less-crowded platform in which to gain effective presence, where even the smallest organization has equal profile with large congomlerates.

4. Our "Premium Direct" marketing sites like Serving BC and CanOrg are entirely based on low-cost paid Directory Entries submitted by participants - both private and commercial - on a wide variety of products and services.  These items are mixed with comprehensive references that we provide as a convenient public service to enhance the user experience.

4. Regardless of index buy-in format, all of our directory-based sites offer the opportunity for an organization to substantially enhance their presence with an upgrade to a Feature Ad, hosted Permalink page and/or Feature Video.  

5. If you choose the Permalink option, we can host your PDF brochure for the year at a simple fixed address such as "".

6. Taking further advantage of the Permalink option above, we can also assemble your images, copy, online video and other links into a consistent presentation package with interactive menu-driven features.    

7. To substantially increase the impact of your presence in the directory itself, we recommend upgrading to a FEATURE AD (just pennies a day, spread over the year).  A small number of these versatile featured listings are shown prominently and conveniently in a special section at the bottom of each DIVISION page, so it is a very efficient way to stand out.  

Accommodation    *   Activity Sectors    *   Destinations, Attractions
Entertainment, Arts and Events    *   Restaurants    *   Shopping, Visitor Services
Arts, Community    *   Building    *   Events    *    Food, Restaurants    *   For Sale
Health, Beauty    *   Parks, Recreation    *   Real Estate    *   Services    *    Tourism
Community   *   Goods   *   Real Estate    *   Technology    *   Tourism   *  Vehicles


Text entry in a classification table on one of our paid directory sites, used to link to external online resources - including a PERMALINK on one of our sites - for a wide range of opportunities, services or items for sale, new and used, privately and commercially.  


Hosting a custom presentation (additional cost to prepare, see below) and/or PDF document, linkable from one or many of our sites, with a compact URL assigned until cancelled
(eg. "" or "").

($15 per Half-Hour)

We will develop and update any presentation items for you, at an exceptional value level.

FEATURE AD UPGRADE:($60/site/year)

Prominently placed in context just below the corresponding category listings page on any of our sites.  The source index entry is color-coded to draw extra attention.

The gallery image of the ad may transform to an external video, or simply expand to its full-size equivalent. It may be linked to any qualified external resource, including a custom Permalink page.

FEATURE ADS placed on 2 or more of our sites concurrently receive a 20% discount!

All fees shown are in US dollars, and may be subject to tax in certain countries. 


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